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(Thursday May 30, 2013 TBC - HQ, NYC)  Thank you; thank you all.  As of 7 O’clock PM this evening you, our loyal and faithful readers and casual visitors alike, made possible an important milestone.  It was just an hour ago that we exceeded 20,000 unique visitors to our blog for the year. Yes, 2013 has been very kind to The Brooding Cynyx thus far. We thank you; we thank you all for taking the time over these past five months for taking the time to read our posts, share our perspective, comment on what we write, and generally support us in this nebulous media of cyberspace.  We greatly appreciate every one of you out there who has clicked on a link that brought you to us, those of you who sought us out specifically, those who have stumbled upon us tangentially, as well as everyone who has found us by accident and then become an ardent supporter. 

We realize we are not for everyone; that our reporting, commentary, observation and opinion is not palatable to many.  However, we do appreciate all of those who have become regular consumers of our product and, in particular, the 1900 plus readers who have left comments, sent e-mails or just “liked” us where they found us.  That is the beauty of this medium.  For every one of you out there who has taken the time to read and comment on what we have written we send a bouquet of salutes and good wishes.  There was a day not too far in the past that we never imagined we would have reached this milestone.  We have been hacked and attacked.  We have been virtually assailed, verbally assaulted but also amazingly encouraged, promoted and inspired by your support. 

Of all the rewarding elements of this milestone perhaps most elevating is the fact that our readership is global; our statistics indicate that we have an appeal that easily transcends the borders of the United States of America.  We are actually an active, vocal member of the “global community”.  The “traffic sources” and “audience” indicators provided by our host site, Google Blogspot, clearly illustrate the diversity nature of our readership and visitors. It is as affirming to us as it is humbling; we are ever mindful that our words are read far and wide beyond the place this computer sits.  We are cognizant of the responsibility that is associated with having a global audience.  We strive for balance in our reporting and diversity of opinion in our commentary and editorials.  We provide a wide range of links to mainstream as well as new-stream media for virtually all of the posts that are not satirical or parodies.  We try to “tag” each post as accurately as possible to minimize the potential for misunderstanding.

Most importantly, we welcome and appreciate all the comments we receive be they for or against a position we have taken, an opinion we’ve expressed, or anything that appears on our blog.  We encourage more audience participation in terms of connecting with us, contacting us, and sharing your own thoughts and opinions.  We see our blog as a dynamic forum rather than a static collection of articles and essays.

As we look ahead to providing even a wider range of news and opinion, we are open to suggestion.  One reader proposed that we print the “tags” for each post above the actual text rather than at the end as we have been doing.  We may do this on a trial basis and would appreciate your feedback.

Again we say thanks to all of you who have allowed us to realize this milestone.  We look forward to the next 20,000 unique viewers and page hits.  We will do our best to not disappoint.

Be well.

Brooding Cynyc

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Anonymous said...

as you know- I love your blog and I am thrilled for you! 20,000 unique visitors!! I think yo have a career ;-)

- D

Brooding Cynyc said...

Thank you anonymous "D" for your kind words. I believe what we have here is a hobby not a career. We can only wish that it was a career...sempre avante...